10 Surprising Sources of Protein


Proteins are highly complex substances present in all living organisms, proteins are of great nutritional value and they are directly involved in the chemical process essential for life. Protein is important for growth and tissue repairs. Protein consists of amino acids. There are 20 amino acids that are needed for good health, our bodies can produce eleven and the other nine comes from the food we eat, these are known as essential amino acids. Eating protein from a variety of sources can provide the protein we need for good health.

Sources of Protein

  • Broccoli: Although broccoli, a vegetable, isn’t as high in protein as meat, broccoli is actually rich in protein. 88g of chopped broccoli contains 2.5g of protein, 100g of broccoli contains 2.8g of protein and 34 calories. Broccoli can be enjoyed cooked or fresh.


  • Green Peas: like all legumes, green peas are also high in protein one-half cup of raw green peas contains about 2grams of fiber and 8g of protein. Green peas are also rich in fiber, vitamin C and vitamin K. peas can be added to salads pasta and can also be blended as pesto’s.

Green Peas

  • Soy Beans: 150g (1cup) cooked = 20.2g. Soy beans contains all nine amino acids and the amount of protein they provide per serve is almost as much as meat. Soy beans are used to make tofu (soy beans cake) provide 20.4gof protein.

Soy Beans

  • Yoghurt: Two thirds of a cup of low-fat yoghurt = 12.7g. Yoghurt is a great addition to cereals, smoothies and snacks for a protein boost. The amount of protein varies from product to products. Choose natural or plain varieties if you are after less sugar and yoghurt with at least 100 million colony of forming units (CFU) for yoghurt that provide good bacteria.


  • Guava: Amount of protein 4.2g per cup. Guava is the fruit with the highest amount of protein, guava packs more than 4g per cup along with 9 grams of fibre and only 112 calories. Guava can be eaten by slicing them or can be tossed into salads, they can be sliced into detox water or make homemade popsicles with a fraction of sugar.


  • Sun-dried tomatoes: sun-dried tomatoes offers both a good source of protein as well as additional nutrient and fiber. Sun-dried tomatoes are excellent addition to many dishes and are readily available.

Sun-dried tomatoes

  • Cauliflower: One cup of chopped cauliflower has 27 calories and 2g of protein. Cauliflower has a lot of protein with very few numbers of calories.


  • Black-berry: 2g per cup. Black berry fruit is another fruit with the highest amount of protein. Black berry boost phytonutrients that help blood clot and keep bones healthy, as well as the antioxidant lutein which support eye health. They can be added to pancakes or can be sprinkle in yoghurt.


  • Asparagus: Asparagus get over one quarter of its calories from protein. Asparagus is full of nutrients including vitamin B and low carbohydrates.


  • Yellow Corn: yellow corn has about 15.6g of protein per cup. Additionally, corns also contain good amount of fibre and minerals including calcium which is good for bones.

Yellow Corn


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