Natural Remedies to Calm Anxiety


Nowadays daily life issues such as handling work demands, dealing with family issues or coping with an illness may cause worries and stress. However, some level of anxiety is normal part of life, it is as a result of the chaotic world we live in. Anxiety might not be all that bad because it makes you aware of dangers, motivates you to stay organized and prepare for life challenges. Sometimes when anxiety becomes a daily challenge, it can get out of hand and this might affect the quality of life we live if not checked properly.

Take charge to try out the following natural remedies below to calm your anxiety

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  • Gardening: Sometimes getting your hand dirty is not a bad idea to calm your worries. Gardening makes the brain release mood boosting chemicals that can help calm your anxiety, gardening also helps you get some exercise and speed up time outdoors both of which are good to calm your nerves.


  • Meditation: Meditation helps to slow the racing thought in our minds, thereby making it easier to manage stress and anxiety. Meditation style you can carry out includes mindfulness and meditation during yoga may also help too.


  • Exercise: You don’t have to train for any special sports event before you carry out exercise. A 10minutes workout can do a great trick as well as a 45minutes workout can make you feel better for hours when you feel anxious. Exercising regularly at least 3 times a week helps make you feel less stressed and anxious.


  • Aromatherapy: smells like lavender, rose water and chamomile may help calm you down during anxiety. Lavender rose water and chamomile come from a concentrated oil you can breathe in or rub on your skin to smell. Some scientist believe they can send chemical message to parts of the brain that affect mood and emotion.


  • Ditch Alcohol: Staying away from alcohol during anxiety is important because alcohol is a natural sedative. Drinking a glass of alcohol may calm your nerves down at first but once it wares out anxiety returns with aggression. It is advisable not to depend on alcohol for relief during anxiety instead of alcohol find the root cause of the problem and stop depending on alcohol for relief during anxiety.

Ditch Alcohol

. Sleep: Lack of regular sleep is a common symptom of anxiety, make sure to have more sleep regularly.

Steps to follow to have a regular sleep everyday are as follows:
Sleep at night when you feel tired.
Stop reading or watching tv while on bed.
Stay away from your phone, tablet or computer while on bed.
Keep your room dark and cool.
Stay away from caffeine and nicotine.


  • Acupuncture: Acupuncture may also help in relaxation for as long as you are not too anxious of the thought of needle in your body. An acupuncturist only put fine needle into a specific point on your body. Sometimes they can also use electric simulation to ease muscle and nerve tension.


  • Breathing Deep exercise: Breathing fast is a common thing during anxiety as these can lead to the heart beating very fast, dizziness, light-headedness and panic attacks. Breathing deep is an exercise that involves a deliberate process of taking slow deep breath that can restore back breathing pattern and reduce anxiety.


  • Yoga: Yoga is another way for meditation. Your body can be put to a certain position that can strengthen or stretch the body muscle and other tissues. At the same time, you can try to keep your breath down to lower heart rate and blood pressure to make you feel less anxious. Although there are yoga positions you should not try if you have certain health issues, in that case you should consult with your doctor before any yoga activity.


Takeaway: whenever you are anxious you can try the above natural methods or you can also talk to someone that you trust, in order words if you cannot control your anxiety please consult with your doctor for proper treatment.





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