Tip on How to Quit Smoking for the first time


Sometimes quitting a particular habit might be very difficult but with determination to save your health it is very important to quit, especially when it comes to smoking and drinking of alcohol. But if you really want to quit your smoking habit for better health and life you will have to focus on your goals to achieve it.

Some tips below might help you quit smoking with your determination for better health and life:

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  1. Brush Regularly: One way to quit smoking is to have your mouth taste better and your breath smell fresh. Brushing regularly will help you feel less incline to light up a cigarette and foul that clean fresh mouth.
  2. Drink through a Straw: Taking a sip of water through a straw helps you replace the act of sucking on a cigarette, it can also replace dopamine, a brain chemical that helps you ease bad moods. Also eating small amount of meals help you get past the urge to smoke, you can choose light healthy food to avoid weight gain.
  3. Stay Away from Alcohol: One thing that makes people go back to smoking is drinking of alcohol. Alcohol breaks down self-restraint which can shake your commitment to quitting smoking. Drinking is mostly linked to smoking these might make you want to light up a cigarette to combine the two and see how it makes you feel.
  4. Find a restricted no Smoking Area: Find a place to go when your urge to smoke comes, a place where you can focus on your goal of say no to lighting up a cigarette for example, go to a store, library or to the movie theatre. When these places distract you the easier it will be to get rid of the craving to smoke.
  5. Always think about the Reason why you want to quit Smoking: Make a list of the reasons why you are quitting smoking, paste it everywhere you like spending time, like the kitchen, bathroom mirror, sitting room etc. Make sure they are paste in a place where you can see them to remind you. According to some ex- smokers they say they found it useful to put photos of their loved ones alongside reasons to quit smoking.
  6. Make Sure you are very Active on a Daily Basis: Having exercise on a daily basis offers a powerful distraction from any craving. When you are active, your body send out natural chemicals that help your mood ad ease your stress. Walking is advisable and a good choice, choose different activities to help you stay motivated. Make out time for physical activities on a daily basis, especially during the first month after you quit.
  7. Reduce Caffeine Intake: Taking caffeine can help some people feel very lively in the morning and it also help some stay alert when they are feeling tired, but it makes other feel tense, jittery and stressed-out. Breaking nicotine addiction can boost those effects. So, if you feel anxious and jumpy whenever you take caffeine reduce the intake.
  8. Manage Your Bad Moods: Some negative emotions like anger frustration stress are common reasons why some people go back to smoking. Having a bad mood happens to everyone at one time or the other, and the chances are you will feel more frustrated especially when your mood changes during the first week of your quitting smoking. Look for an alternative way to distract yourself like getting together with friends that share your goal of quitting or do something you enjoy doing.
  9. Stay Focused: After you make it through the first two weeks, you are on your way to a life time free of nicotine addiction. Always be prepared in case you fail on your goal to quit smoking. Take a look at what went wrong and find a way to fix the situation next time without smoking. Ask your doctor for help to prepare you.
  10. Put Something else in Your mouth Instead of a cigarette: One of the urge to smoke is having something inside your mouth, instead of cigarette pop in a sugar free chewing gum, hard candy or a healthy snack when you feel like you want to light up a cigarette. Make sure you have something else with you at all times, stick to low calorie option like fruit and vegetables to avoid weight gain.
  11. Find a Good Support: Ask for help of someone you can trust to be available for you when you need a support. One of your best choice of friend is to look for someone who is an ex-smoker. But anyone who cares about you and want you to quit smoking can be of help when times get tough.



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