7 Tips on How to Tell someone they Have Bad Breath.


A story was told of an employee who told a colleague off for having bad breath. Feeling insulted, the colleagues reported the incidence to their boss who promised to speak with the employee privately only to thank the employee for having the courage to speak up.

Telling your loved ones, colleague, friend, business associates and family members about their bad breath can be a very awkward and an embarrassing conversation to discuss, it can be very difficult to bring up such conversation with another person especially when you don’t know how the person might feel or react. But telling them about their bad breath in a more reasonable and polite manner may help the conversation flow without you hurting them.

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There are some factors to consider before you tell somebody about their bod breath;

  • How well do you know them?
  • What is your relationship with them?
  • How can I tell them without offending them?
  • When will be the right time and right place to approach them
  • How well do they take your advice especially if they are close to you.

7 Steps to approach somebody with bad breath

  1. Make sure you take them away from where others can listen to your conversation to save them from any embarrassment, talk to the about what you notice and make them suggestion on oral health products that are clinically proven to prevent and eliminate bad breath.
  2. Be gentle and sincere with them, while discussing with the person with the problem carefully think about the words you would use to describe their bad breath. It would be polite to use words like “off”, “sour” or “noticeable” rather than using words like “offensive” or “pungent Smell”.
  3. Do not use statement rather approach them with a question instead of telling them that they have a problem, start by asking them if they have noticed any change in their breath or taste. Whatever their reply is, just tell them you are concerned because you’ve notice something in their breath.
  4. Use stealth approach, this way you don’t need to say anything to them just buy them something maybe a book, wrap it and place it on their desk if is your colleague or send it to them with a simple note telling them about what you noticed and that you care about them. This can be an anonymous gift.
  5. Try direct matter of fact approach, this way you just tell them you found a book interesting and you decide to pick an extra copy for them. Make sure you let the know what you notice about their breath.
  6. Try the optimistic approach, try it like this Rob there’s something I’ve been thinking about telling you for sometimes now. But until now I don’t have a good suggestion. Now I do, this book may be what you are using to pass your message across to the person.
  7. Use relevant anecdote, your little story maybe real or hypothetical. I thought you might like to know that I once had a friend who had a problem with her breath, so bad that in fact her career went nowhere, but when she discovered it can be cured, her confidence soared and her career took off.


The truth is that no matter how you try to tell somebody about their bad breath it can be very difficult to pass the message, you don’t want to hurt the feeling of your colleagues, a friend or a family member. But try to communicate with them more politely and use the right words, make them feel that it is out of your concern for them that you want the to take care of their bad breath.




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