Causes of after Shower itch and how to manage it


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Itching is a tingling or irritation of the skin that makes you want to scratch a particular area of your body or all part of your body. It is very common to experience itching after having a shower or bathing, there is no need for you to feel embarrassed or frustrated about that. Showers are meant to be relaxing and chilling after a long busy day or when preparing for a long busy day. However, for some having their shower can become uncomfortable and disturbing, some people complain that their body usually itch immediately after they’ve’ had a shower, without any rash es they feel itching all over their bodies. There are some possible reasons why you are experiencing itching after shower and they could be the possible reason why you are having these problem. Most time itching after shower can take 10-30 minutes and the itch will cool down until when you have your next bath.

Causes of after shower itching

  1. Sensitivity to laundry product: People with sensitive or itchy skin may have to avoid using laundry products that contains fragrance or dye to wash their towel or clothes. Scented laundry products could also lead to post-shower itching, especially if someone uses scented products on their towels. Toweling after bathing could transfer some of the fragrances from the laundry soap or fabric to the skin. This could lead to irritation and itching if a person has an allergy or sensitive to the products.
  2. Dry skin: When a person takes a hot bath, the soap and water strip away the skin’s oils which can cause the skin to feel tight and itchy. In extreme cases, the skin may even crack or bleed. Lack of moisture may feel tight or itchy, especially after a shower. Cleansers, soaps and water can remove the skin’s natural oil that keeps it supple and prevent dryness.
  3. Old or over used towel: When a skin is delicate and sensitive this can lead to irritation when you dry your skin roughly using the same old towel for too long. Try to replace old towel with new soft ones instead.
  4. Soap:  Sometime the soap is the problem, the soap you’re using is drying your skin as it cleanse it. Soap that are harsh on the skin does not necessarily cause or leave visible rash, but it can leave a lasting itch after shower. Failure to wash off the soap completely may leave soap residues on the skin that can cause itching and discomfort.
  5. Idiopathic aquagenic pruritus: This is a rare condition that causes itching without a rash after a person skin comes in contact with water. As a result you get an itchy feeling after having a shower or a bath. (IAP) is likely caused by activation of the nervous system with the release of various chemicals by the nerves that are located within the skin after contact with water.
  6. Eczema: A person with eczema may feel more itch and discomfort especially after they have their bath, when the skin lacks natural oil. Scented body washes, soaps and hot water from shower may also trigger itching. Eczema is a skin inflammation that can lead to itching and excessive dryness to the skin. It can cause rashes or bumps on the skin.

How to fix after shower itch

  • Reduce or avoid using products that contain alpha-hydroxy acid (AHA). AHA is an ingredient that may cause burning or itching on dry or sensitive skin
  • Add baking soda, oatmeal (inside a cloth or mesh bag) or bathing oil to your water before you take your bath.
  • Use soft cloth or sponge to wash your body, avoid scrubbing your skin in a harsh way. Avoid using hard sponge on your skin to avoid irritation.
  • Drink a lot of water to stay hydrated and get enough rest
  • Dry skin gently by patting it with towel. It is important you don’t rub your skin with towel when cleaning rather gently pat dry your skin to avoid removing the natural skin oil
  • Use a heavy, fragrance-free moisturizer or ointment. lathering agents can worsen dry skin and they are not necessary for cleaning the skin effectively
  • Use moisturizer after you shower especially when your skin is still wet and after you change clothes
  • Make your shower as quick and short, do not use very hot water to bath, instead use warm water bath. Using cooler water for short period helps to avoid stripping the skin of its natural protective oil
  • Reduce the number of times you take your bath daily, this because when you shower less it will help your skin retain its natural oil. Instead, just use a piece of soft towel to clean as a second bath for the day.
  •  Avoid using products that contains retinoids except it is prescribed by your doctor. Retinoids regulate the epithelial cell growth but they an irritant and worsen a dry skin.

When to seek your doctor’s help

Normally mild itch after shower can be treated easily at home, you can do this by using the steps above.  Although keeping the skin moisturized after bathing is very important. However there are health conditions that can make you itch such as nerve damage or multiple sclerosis. This may cause the nerve in the skin to overact and this can lead to itching without rash. Also, mental health condition such as depression, anxiety, obsessive compulsive disorder and excoriation-a skin picking disorder can also make a person scratch their body. If you suspect any of this health conditions, you should consult with your health provider.

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Itching after shower is not something you should worry or feel embarrassed about, at one point every one feel itchy after bathing so you are not the only one. Make sure you moisturize your body after shower. Check with your doctor if itching continues.




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