Laughing is the best medicine for your wellbeing: Here is Why


Laughing is a vocalization used to express joy, happiness or amusement created by a rapid contraction and relaxation of the stomach through breathing. Laughter, they say is the best medicine to ease stress, tension and even pain. Laughter is free and accessible for all, however, according to statistics adults don’t laugh as much as children. On average adult laugh 15 times per day while children laugh over 400 times every single day. It seems we could learn one or two things from our little ones because they worry about nothing. It is important to make room to laugh more in our lives, especially because of the nature of our world and the pressure we face each day in our lives. finding way to destress and decompress is essential for maintaining our wellbeing. Laughter can trigger a range of psychological change that can boost our mood kick stress away and support our brain function.

Types of laughter

  • Cruel laughter: This when you laugh at someone else’s expense, unfortunately, whether you were the one laughing or the one being laughed at. You probably broke the rules at some point.
  • Canned laughter: This is commonly referred as “laugh track”. Canned laughter is a real laughter, it just happened to be laughter that recorded and added to the sound track of a television or a mobile device.
  • snorting laughter: This laughter has to do with laughing through the nose, you are either blowing air out or sucking it through the nose when you laugh.
  • Stress-relieving laughter: stress is one of the most important reasons to find something humorous. Stress-relieving can encompass many forms and it is usually found in an outburst like belly laughing.
  • Silent laughter: This involves deep breathing that comes with belly laughter. This is done by freezing your face into a smile then your belly does the work of pushing air in and out as if you are laughing out loud but you are not.
  • Nervous laughter: nervous laughter is considered a fake laughter and this often happens with high stress and anxiety situation. Laughing more nervously helps to ease some of that stress.
  • Contagious laugher: this happens when people are made to respond with laughter on hearing laughter itself. This is like the mystery of spreading a yawn.

Benefits of laughing

  1. Helps to improve pain tolerance: Laughter helps to improve individuals’ ability to tolerate pain especially for people suffering from pain. Whether from an injury or even a chronic illness laughing can help diminish pains.
  2. Improves mental health: This is one important benefits of laughing. Laughing makes you feel better about yourself especially for those suffering from mental illness like depression. Laughter can alleviate the negative effects of mental health.
  3. Helps to improve memory: Laughter helps to improve cognitive function and memory especially in older adults.
  4. Helps to reduce stress: stress have many harmful effects on the body including increasing the risk of heart diseases. Laughter reduces stress and negative effects of stress and also boost the immune system.
  5. Helps to improve breathing: laughter empties the lungs more air than it takes in, resulting in increasing effect- similar to deep breathing. This is helpful for people suffering from respiratory ailment like asthma.
  6. Helps to burn calories: this is not the same as vigorous workout. To live a healthy life and burn calories frequent laughter may help you. Though diet and exercise should be the key components but laughter helps too.
  7. Laughter lightens off burden: whenever your heart feels heavy with a lot of thoughts or when you are feeling angry. Looking at your problems from a funny perspective helps you move on faster without your worrying of feeling depressed or angry at yourself.
  8.  Longevity: laughter helps your live long, like it is said a merry heart is like medicine. Laughter helps you forget most problems; you find this inner peace you need to continue your life despite the challenges you are facing.

Tips to help you laugh better on a daily basis

  • Spend time with people that are lighthearted, joyful and funny. The people you surround yourself with makes the difference.
  • Watch funny comedies on YouTube or Tv shows that makes you laugh
  • Smile more, this helps your overall mood and also smile at other too this will further encourage a positive attitude.

Bottom line

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Laughing is free for all and is very accessible chose to laugh it all out. Don’t let the pressure you face every day to stop you from wearing a happy face. we all know life is not easy but make out time for yourself to laugh because this can only lead to better health and wellbeing.



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