How to Carefully Remove Over-grown Nose Hair


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Overgrown nose hair can make some people feel as if they are not beautiful or strange among other people, but this nose hair is part of our bodies. Sometime there are places in our bodies we don’t want to see certain thing like too much hair in the nose, face, ears, chest, back or underarm. However, nose hair isn’t just there to make us feel uncomfortable, it has an important function to carry out as part of our bodies. When we breath, we don’t just take in oxygen we breath in any particle in the air around us and these include dirt, bacteria and other harmful particles distributed around our environment. The nose hair grabs all these harmful particles and stop them from making their way into our bodies.

Types of nose hair

There two types of nose hair

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  • The microscopic cilia: They are responsible for filtering mucus and moving it to the back of the nose, where it can go into the stomach or coughed up. This is found deep inside the nose and are tiny hair that are almost invisible to see. This hair wave back and forth to grab harmful particles in the mucus.
  • The vibrissae: This is the one you can see and want to pluck it out, they are out in front of the nose. They are responsible to grab larger particles from getting to the cilia. Instead, these particles stay strapped in our nose hair until we sneeze or blow them out.

Causes of over-grown nose hair

Sometime there is actually no serious cause as to why your nose hair over-grow. Nose hair naturally gets longer and thick as we start to mature or get older. It is part of a process called “anagen sensitivity” or long term exposure to hormone our bodies. These same phenomena can happen to the ear, eyes or eyebrows.

When we grow older a lot of changes tends to take place in our bodies and over-grown hair is part of it.

The right method to carefully remove over-grown nose hair

  1. Carefully shave: Shaving is one of the easiest ways to remove hair from our bodies and also nose hair. Shaving can help you get rid of that over-grown nose hair that you don’t like. Although shaving does not make the hair go completely but it will help you reduce them. Use a razor that is design for removing facial hair and make sure they are new. Wash before and after every shave.
  2. Try Trimming: Trimmers are the safest option to for removing nose hair from the surface. They are made with tiny stainless-steel blades to remove hair and they don’t make you feel pains. Always make sure your nose trimmer is clean, stand in front of a mirror where there is enough light before you trim to avoid cut. Gently brush off the trimmed hair and wash your nose surface.
  3. Try laser hair removal: This is one of the permanent treatments to remove unwanted hair all over the body and it is done by a professional. These treatments only target the most visible hair right around the inside of the nostril. These prevent the nose hair from hanging out of the nose. This is one of the most expensive methods to remove hair from the body.
  4. Electrolysis: This is another permanent way to stop hair growth on the nose surface. These methods target the hair follicles on your nose and destroys the growth permanently by using chemicals and heat energy. The method is only done by a professional and it can be a little bit painful.

Methods to avoid when removing nose hair

  • Avoid using nose strips: they are woven fabric that remove dead skin cell, blackhead and white head from the skin. Although they are popular but they are not effective for removing hair from the nose
  • Avoid using hair removal cream: these my burn delicate skin mucous membrane in the nostril. They also produce toxic fumes which you might breathe in through the nose
  • Avoid using pointed scissors: avoid using nail cutting scissor that are pointed or other small scissor with sharp points. These points can easily puncture the delicate mucous membrane inside the nostril and these can lead to pain or infection.
  • Plucking and waxing nose hair:  this can lead to ingrown hair and infection. And it can also cause damage to sensitive tissues in the nostril. Plucking nose might not be all that bad but it can hurt you. You must do it carefully.

Bottom line

Over-grown nose hair is nothing strange, it is part of our bodies. The nose hair you dislike or want to remove has its own functions; they help to prevent harmful particles from entering into our bodies.




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