Is there a health benefit to urinating after having sex?


Although some people feel it is vital to urinate immediately after intercourse in order to wash out pathogens, this is not necessarily the case. It is a good idea to urinate after sex, especially when you feel like it, even though there is no scientific evidence to support the claim that it prevents infection. In particular for those who have urinary tract infections UTIs, holding urine for an extended period of time may lead to the accumulation of bacteria in the bladder.

Benefits of urinating after sex

  1. For men:Unlike women, men’s genitalia are not as permeable as those of women. At a certain point (albeit not simultaneously), semen and urine exit their bodies through the same channel (urethra). After sex, a man’s urination helps to flush seminal fluid and bacteria that may have entered the body during sexual activity from the urethra, reducing the risk of urinary tract infections.
  2. For women: Having sex as a woman does not automatically cause you to get a urinary tract infection (UTI), despite the fact that the female vagina is a very delicate area of the body. However, since certain bacteria, such as E. coli from the rectum, are naturally present near the skin of the anus, sexual activity can raise the chance of developing an infection. The vagina or the penis may become infected if these germs come into touch with them. More women than males experience urinary tract infections. When you urinate after having sex, you assist prevent hazardous germs from spreading to the urethra by flushing it out of the vagina where it has penetrated.

What urinating after sex cannot do for you

  • Urinating after sex does not prevent pregnancy, it is important to use protection or contraceptive to prevent pregnancy especially when you are not ready for it.
  • Urinating after sex does not flush out semen that has entered the vagina and the uterus through the cervix after sexual intercourse.
  • Urinating after sex does not prevent sexually transmitted diseases from entering the body. If your partner has any sexually transmitted diseases makes sure to seek immediate medical attention.

What might possibly go wrong if you don’t urinate after sex

The truth is that nothing will actually happen to you in response to it. It merely serves as a technique of preventing UTIs, and retaining urine for an extended period of time is actually not a good idea as it raises the possibility of contracting an infection. If you consistently experience UTIs, you should seek medical attention.

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Tips to help you urinate after sex

  • Sit on the toilet seat for a little while longer to give your brain time to communicate that you need to urinate.
  • To help you create pee so you can urinate after sex, drink water before having sex.
  • Play running water sounds to get your brain working so you can urinate.


Although it shouldn’t be a need, you should feel free to urinate after intercourse. Despite the fact that it can aid in the removal of microorganisms to stop an infection. The most crucial thing is to take good care of yourself and lead a healthy sexual life.



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