7 Benefits of Almond that will Make you Want to Eat More


Brief history of almond:

Almond is a dried fruit that is packed with a bunch of nutrients and mineral that is important for a heathy lifestyle. In 100 AD newlyweds in ancient Rome were showered with almond nut, they are considered a fertility charm, similar to today’s custom of giving sugared almond in North America. Around 600- 900 AD almond tree flourished in places like Spain, Morocco, Greece and Israel and their harvest fed explorers travelling along the silk road to China. Among all this country only Spain maintained a significant almond industry up till now.

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         In 1700 AD Franciscan Padres brought almond tree from Spain to California, but moist cool weather stalled successful planting until the next century. In 1900 AD by the 20th century, California almond industry was firmly established and cross breeding had created several of today’s almond varieties. Today California is the largest producers of almond growing approximately 80% of world supplies.  

7 Varieties of almond

Almond have up to 30 varieties, but only 7 will be mention here.

  • Nonpareil: slightly elongated, thick almond with pale thick skin and very thin shell. Origin California.
  • Ne plus Ultra: has attractive shell elongated and clear. Origin California.
  • Verdal: Quite large and flat with good taste. Origin Portugal.
  • Parade: Quite large wide, dark brown almond and slightly rough. Origin Portugal.
  • Ferragnes: fruit is large, slightly pointed and brown skin not very rough. Origin France.
  • Tuono: hard shell when ripe maintain peduncle of fruit on tree. Origin Italy
  • Desmayo largueta: extended pointed smooth almond with hard shell. Origin Spain.

Different country’s way of using almond

  • Al Make whole almond to almond butter, almond flour, almond milk and almond oil.
  • U.K: Use almond as holiday treats and as daily snacks for busy day.
  • Spain: Use almond to cook traditional treats and recipes.
  • France: Almond use almond for making pastries such as macaroons, almond marzipan, almond cream filled, puff pastries called galette des rois.
  • Italy: Use almond as wedding favors and to mark the mile stone too; red for graduation, green for engagement, blue for baby boy and pink for baby girl.
  • Mediterranean: Call almond health nuts, they remain the integral part of the health focus of Mediterranean lifestyle.
  • India: Consider almond a brain food for kids and have key role in tradition sweets known as mithai. They are also use during Diwali festivals in India.
  • Japan: Oval ball of almond are coated in chocolate and for pretzel stick dipped in milk. Dark or white chocolate and coated with diced almond.

Benefits of almond

  1. Almond help to control sugar levels:  Almond help to regulate the absorption and processing of glucose in the body. Almond regulate the increase in glucose and insulin level in the body especially after eating.
  2. Almond promote healthy brain: Almond contains riboflavin and l-carnitine, these two properties prevent cognitive decline and support healthy neurological activity reducing the inflammatory processes in the brain. Almond should be eating regularly to maintain a healthy brain.
  3. Almond promote healthy skin: Almond contain vitamin E and antioxidants that fights free radicals and reduce inflammation helping your skin to look smooth and glowing. Almond contain antioxidant such as epicatechin, catechin and quercetin. They help to reduce damage caused by UV rays, skin cancer and prevent aging.
  4. Almond regulate blood pressure: According to orgnicfact.net, almond reduces the risk factor associated with coronary heart diseases including blood pressure. Almond contains other nutrients that keep the body balance which help to prevent any deficiencies.
  5. Almond promote healthy heart: Almond contain mono-saturated fat, protein and potassium that are useful for protecting the heart and preventing heart disease. The vitamin E and flavonoids contained in almond helps to prevent artery damage.
  6. Almond prevent weight gain: almond unsweetened milk contains low calorie and mono-saturated fat that satisfies appetite and prevent too much craving for food. Almond also contain dietary fiber that help you feel full despite eating small amount and this help prevent additional weight gain.
  7. Almond prevent inflammation: Adding almond to your diet on a daily basis can help with inflammation and oxidative stress in the body. Almond contain fatty acids such linoleic acid that help to prevent inflammation.

Side effects of almond

  • Too much consumption of almond can increase bad fat level.
  • Almond contain some amount of cyanide, if eaten too much can it can poison you.
  • Too much of almond can cause bloating stomach.
  • Almond contain vitamin E and too much of it can cause nausea, diarrhea, headache and intestinal cramp.

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