6 Natural Ways to Increase Focus and Concentration


We all encounter numerous issues that occasionally hinder our ability to focus and pay attention, especially in today’s troubled and challenging world. It can be difficult for certain people to concentrate for an extended period of time since their minds frequently stray from one idea to another, which can have an impact on their daily life. Our thoughts frequently lead us to believe that our circumstances define our capacity to accomplish particular objectives, which is untrue. According to Albert Einstein, success depends greatly on your capacity to concentrate on a specific objective.

In life, distractions and procrastination affect how we concentrate or focus, but the key to finishing a task is to avoid focusing on these things for too long. We all need to be determined and persistent in order for our dreams to come true for each and every one of us. It’s critical that you convince yourself daily, “I can do it.”

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Causes of lack of focus and concentration

  • Stress: Sometimes when we are stressed with a lot of work or family issues. Stress can make us feel anxious, worried and affect your focus and concentration.
  • Lack of proper sleep: Having little sleep can make you feel tired and affect your focus and concentration. This is because the body and brain need time to relax on a daily basis. Getting a enough sleep helps your brain relax and function properly especially during the day.
  • Hunger and poor nutrition: when you’re hungry or eat poor diet it will be very hard to focus and concentrate. Eating the right food helps your brain function properly and help you concentrate more.
  • Environmental factors: When an environment is not favorable, to carry out a task it will be difficult to concentrate. Noise is one factor that cause distraction and affect your concentration.
  • Different ability to concentrate: some people have the ability to concentrate more regardless of any distraction while some cannot even with little distraction. They might need to do extra work on themselves to concentrate. The good thing is we all can all improve our concentration using different approach depending on the one that work best for you.

Types of distraction

  • External distraction: This kind of distraction are caused by things that affect our focus and concentration from outside ourselves and they include social media, email notification and other interruption from outside.
  • Internal distraction: This is a difficult kind of distraction that is hard to understand or discover because they happen from within a person and they include; procrastination, anxiety, depression, lack of focus, health condition, hunger or fatigue.

Natural ways to increase focus and concentration

  1. Discover the cause of your distraction: It is very important to find out exactly what is making you lack focus as this can help you work on yourself to focus more. Make a list of what is causing your distraction and understand the impact it is having on your productivity. Find a way to eliminate those distraction so you can concentrate more.
  2. Avoid too much task at a time: Sometimes a lot of people believe carrying out different task at the same time shows that they are efficient, but actually this is not as it can result to making mistakes. Sometimes multitasking can cause delay in completing a task and reduce creativity. Instead focus and finish one task before you carry out another.
  3. Sleep more: An adult need at least 8 hours of sleep. Having a good quality sleep at night is very important for your well-being. Lack of sleep makes you feel tired and drain your strength and this can affect your concentration and brain function. Setting a daily timer will help you sleep early even when you don’t feel like it.
  4. Promote a healthy level of cortisol: Exercise, meditation and yoga can help you increase cortisol level. The cortisol in our body is a natural hormone that help our body deal with stress. Decrease in cortisol level can cause depletion of memory, cause anxiety and depression. Having your cortisol level stable can promote focus and concentration.
  5. Eat properly and stay hydrated: Eating a proper diet can help you focus more as hunger cannot allow you carryout a task properly. Water is part of our life too; this is because our brain contains 75% of water. Water helps to improve our mood, energy level mental health and improve brain function.
  6. Avoid your smart devices: The effect ofsocial media is one distraction a lot of us has in this generation as too much focus on it can cause distraction. Though it has its own advantages yet it can lead to more distraction. Set a timer to use social media and focus on the task you have. Once time is up respect it and achieve a goal.

Foods that can help you focus and concentrate

  • Caffeine.
  • Fish.
  • Nuts, seeds and unsweetened chocolate.
  • Avocado and whole grain.
  • Blueberries.



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