Home Remedies to Fix Burnt and White Tongue


The tongue is responsible for moving food around the mouth, while the taste bud moves signal about flavors to the brain. The tongue consists of tiny bumps called papillae and the papillae contains taste buds. Sometimes when we want to taste the flavor in our food or drink, we just take the hot food or drink into our mouth without thinking about how it’s going to make our tongue feel and this can result into burnt tongue. The damage caused by burnt most times can make you feel hurt and it becomes harder to taste food or drinks. Although burnt tongue is actually not a serious issue to worry about as it can get healed with time especially with some home remedies.

3 ways your tongue can actually get burnt

  • First degree burn: These kinds of burn affect the top layer tissue of the tongue and the pain can be mild with your tongue appearing red or hot pink
  • Second degree burn: second degree burn cause damage to the surface of tissue of the tongue or underneath tissue. The tongue may appear hot pink or red and this can really hurt and can cause some form of blisters in the tongue.
  • Third degree burn: Third degree burn affect the innermost layer of the tongue and can cause excruciating pain or you may feel a kind of sensation in your tongue. The in this case appear white or black. Although such kind of burnt is very rare to happen.

Home remedies for burnt tongue

  1. Rinse your mouth with salt: using a pinch of salt and water to rinse your mouth when your tongue get burnt helps to get rid of bacteria that might cause infection while your tongue is healing. Avoid using too much salt as this can irritation to your burn tongue.
  2. Honey or sugar: Applying honey on your tongue immediately after burnt helps to heal it faster. Honey contains antibacterial properties that prevent the presence of any possible infection. Sugar also helps to ease pains from tongue burnt. Use a tiny pinch of sugar on your tongue to ease the pain.
  3. Use milk: coating your tongue with milk helps to reduce the hotness of the heat you are feeling in your tongue when it gets burnt. According to some people they use milk to bring down heat from a spicy food after eating, that means milk can help with burnt tongue.
  4. Sip a cold ice drink: Whenever your tongue gets burnt sipping a cold ice drink helps you get some level of relief. Make sure you keep sipping the cold drink until you feel calmer.
  5. Keep proper oral hygiene: Brushing and flossing your teeth on a regularly basis keep your mouth clean and free from bacteria that can lead to infection during the healing process of your burnt tongue.
  6. Avoid eating hot food: Take caution when eating hot food instead eat warm food. During the healing process of your burnt tongue you can take chilled yoghurt, ice cream as this can help you heal faster. Avoid hot food for some days to heal.

Home remedies to fix white tongue

White tongue actually means having a thick white film coating on your tongue, these can cover your entire tongue surface and can appear in patches. The following home remedies can help you treat white tongue at home.

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  • Drink a lot of water on a regular basis to help you hydrate.
  • Use soft tooth brush to brush your teeth.
  • Avoid cigarette, vape pen as these can expose your mouth to toxic substance that can affect your oral health.
  • Avoid foods that can irritate your mouth such as spicy, salty, acidic or very hot food.
  • Eat a healthy balanced diet
  • Brush your mouth every day after eating.

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