5 Interesting Benefits of Break-up in a Relationship


It’s crucial to remember that relationships end, especially when one party is being sought after during a dating phase. Breakups are common because they may happen to anyone and can also help you realize what you actually want from a relationship. Breaking up simply refers to ending a relationship or severing all links with someone who, in your opinion, is no longer adding anything worthwhile to your life. It could be a love partnership or just a friendship. When you break up with someone with whom you have shared a lot of happy memories, you may experience painful emotions such as sadness, concern, anxiety, and even melancholy.

It’s extremely important to part ways when a relationship is no longer good for you, regardless of how you feel about it. Heartbreaks are particularly difficult to handle because they can cause major emotional instability and breakdown. Despite all these negative effects, splitting up can have some advantages that can increase your pleasure in life. Breaking up is preferable to maintaining a relationship and hurting one another, which could result in situations where life is at risk.

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Reasons for break-up

  • Lack of communication: No communication, no relationship, a relationship without communication is as good as not existing. Communication is the key to any healthy relationship. Understand that there is nothing on earth that communication cannot solve.
  • Lack of emotional connection: when you no longer feel the bond of togetherness aside sexual intimacy the relationship becomes boring. You no longer spend time together, there is always an excuse not to be available these can cause break-up.
  • Jealousy: Jealousy can be good, but excessive jealousy can lead to serious trust issues, your partner begins to suspect you. When you tell them, you are somewhere they try to find out from someone else if you are telling them the truth. They stalk on you always.
  • Abusive attitude: sometime when your partner becomes aggressive toward you it be very overwhelming. They abuse you both physically and emotionally and these can even lead to causing serious damage to your life.
  • Unforgiveness: When you can’t forgive each other’s past hurt may be from past infidelity or emotional pain, it can lead to permanent unforgiveness. Although you may have both hurt each other at some point, but persistent of unforgiveness can lead to break-up.

Benefits of break-ups

  1. You become free as a bird: Yes freedom, there is nothing like being free from certain bondage to is holding you back. You now have control over what you want to do, no one is ordering you around or making do what you don’t even want to do. You can focus on your goals no more distraction, you can travel and dress however you feel like.
  2. No more fighting for space: sometimes you want to have your space to yourself but because you are two, space become a problem. You no longer have to share your bath room with someone that mess it up or even sharing your wardrobe space with anyone. You can choose who you want to share your space with.
  3. You can flirt without feeling guilty: When you were in a relationship with your ex you hardly talk to anyone because of jealousy. Now that you’re single again you can flirt, date or even kiss anyone you feel like it without feeling committed to anybody.
  4. You become extremely inspired and creative: sometime break-ups can help you become creative. When you decide to take your mind off the pain some good ideas begin to flow that can inspire you to do something new that can cause great positive impact to not just yourself but to others.
  5. Break-up help you understand what you really want in a relationship: To be single is actually not a disease or a plague as some naïve people tag singleness. Being single again helps you re-evaluate what you actually want in a relationship and these can start with how you want to be treated, how you can achieve your goals without your relationship being an obstacle.

Tips to help you move fast from break-up

  • Don’t fight your feelings, allow yourself to go through these feeling so you can heal faster.
  • Keep in mind that break-ups are inevitable in a relationship especially when you’re dating to find the right partner.
  • Get yourself into daily routines that can help you move on faster. Routines like meditation, yoga and writing your feelings can help you.
  • Avoid hoping you can get back together as these can make you hope and become really hurt. Let it go even though it is not easy, you can start by deleting all contacts to that person.
  • Avoid taking any revenge, yes you are hurt but revenge will only cause more harm and these can lead to more emotionally pains.



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