Diphtheria outbreak: Death toll hits 13 in Kaduna



According to the most recent official statistics, there have already been 13 confirmed deaths related to the diphtheria outbreak in Kaduna.
According to a breakdown, the disease claimed the lives of 10 people in Kafanchan, Jema’a Local Government Area of Kaduna State, three children in Makarfi Local Government Area, and seven other people who were hospitalized.
Malam Aliyu Alhassan, the local council’s health secretary, confirmed the outbreak in the Markafi LGA and stated the suspected cases were reported from the Tashar Na Kawu village in the neighborhood’s Gubuchi Ward.

“Affected victims were children, and the victims’ specimens were sent to Abuja for analysis,” he stated. In order to stop the sickness from spreading, those who are suspected of having it have been transported to a hospital and placed in isolation for medical surveillance.
The governor of Kaduna State had already warned the public about the outbreak and had ordered the Ministry of Health to send a team to investigate cases and take prompt action.

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Anthrax is a bacterial disease that affects domestic and wild animals and can infect humans, especially children who may have had contact with infected animals, according to Kaduna State Ministry of Health Chief Epidemiologist Dr. Jeremiah Daikwo. The disease has spread to some states, and Daikwo bemoaned the fact that some communities in the state were refusing the vaccine against it.

According to their findings, 17 persons were infected, and he stated in an interview that “we are still doing contact search to identify more people who may have been infected.”




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