5 Reasons Second Marriage is likely to be better than the first.


The union of two individuals who come together to start a family is called marriage, and it may be governed by laws, regulations, customs, or religious beliefs. The right of responsibility is also established via marriage, extending to the couple, their children (if any), and their in-laws. Marriage may be a really lovely thing, especially if you marry the proper person who can accept all of your shortcomings without reacting negatively or grumbling. Even though we all know there is no perfect marriage, marriage can occasionally be challenging. For instance, when the two parties involved are no longer in love and have no understanding with one another, it may result in a divorce or a separation, both of which can be quite heartbreaking. Divorce might mean staying single for some people, especially if they have children, or it can mean moving forward to find love and happiness with someone new and getting married again despite past hardships and mistakes. Some people can truly change their behavior and act more maturely with a new spouse thanks to a second marriage.

Functions of marriage

  • For procreation of children.
  • To regulate sex.
  • Children socialization.
  • To provide legal parent to children.
  • To give economic security to women.
  • To also provide social security to women.
  • To increase man power.
  • To create a bond between the two people involved.

5 Reasons why second marriage is likely to be better than the first

  1. No more searching for a perfect partner (because no one is perfect): Some of the fantasies you have before your first marriage can create an idea of what you want in marriage, especially when you read lots of romantic novels and watch much of romantic tv shows that create a rally crazy fantasy in your head. When you don’t see your partner acting that way, you begin to feel you are not compatible and you start believing you happiness depend on your spouse because they don’t act like those characters you are conversant with in your fantasies. For a second chance in marriage you have decided that you are the only source of happiness to yourself and you only need a partner that you can understand, tolerate and appreciate each other despite your flaws or their flaws and weaknesses.
  2. Your experience at handling situation have improved: They say experience is the best teacher, you first marriage can make you feel naïve without no experience of handling situations. For instance, maybe you always complain or get easy irritated about any little issue or you take other people’s negative advice to run your marriage this can cause some misunderstanding between you and your partner. But for a second marriage you have decided to start acting matured, you are now better at handling situation that will normally piss you off. You know exactly what you want, you are able to find solution to a misunderstanding and not get upset at any little thing.
  3. You see things differently with gratitude: Despite the fact that you’ve been hurt from a first marriage, with the chance of marrying again there’s a new sense of gratitude to cherish and love you partner in a different especially when you’re truly in love with them. You no longer complain about things that don’t matter rather you show appreciation and gratitude for what your partner is doing for you.
  4. You have learned from your past mistakes: There’s nobody that don’t have past mistakes, but the important thing is to learn from them. Understanding your actions can help you know how to see situations differently. A lot of can be learned from past mistakes that can help you amend your character and act appropriately when you find yourself in a difficult situation.
  5. You no longer want everything to be perfect: You can bet it that no relationship is perfect, issues or misunderstanding will always arise, so how you handle it matters a lot. A second chance in marriage can help you understand your shortcomings and also understand your partners flaws and weaknesses. These will help you accept each other and know that between you two no one needs to be perfect or happy always but you can but come together to figure out your problems.



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